Perfect bread with a crunchy crust, and a chewy soft inside. Grab a hunk and enjoy!

1 1/4 cups of warm water

2 2/3 cup bread flour

1 1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon of fast action dried yeast

Measure out the dry ingredients and mix together briefly in a bowl. Add the water and mix for about 1 minute until the ingredients come together to form a wet dough.

Be sure to measure the ingredients exactly as it is easy to end up with quite different bread if the quantities change slightly. Now simply cover the bowl with cling film and place somewhere warm to allow the dough to rise.

After 12 hours it is time to take the dough out of the bowl. With the spatula simply fold the dough over on itself in each corner then gently tip it out of the bowl. The creases of the folds should now be on the bottom of the dough ball. Dust the top of the ball with flour, cover and leave for a further 2 hours.

After 1 1/2 hours put your dutch oven or casserole pot (I use a cast iron pot) in your oven and preheat 550 degrees.

After a further 30 mins (once the 2 hours is up) remove the casserole dish from the oven, dust the inside with flour and place the dough in (folded side up) inside. Be careful as your casserole dish will be smoking hot! Put the lid on and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. [YOU MUST USE A LID] After the 15 minutes is up go back and remove the lid and bake for a further 25 minutes.

Finally remove the bread from the pot and allow to cool on a rack for 15 minutes. Then all that is left to do is marvel at the results.