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One bushel of un-prepared green beans will produce between 14-20 quart jars.

The first thing to do is get your jars and lids ready. Make sure the jars have no cracks or chips in the rim. More importantly check the jar lids. Do not use metal screw bands that are rusted or dented. You should use new flat lids every time you can. Sterilize the jars and lids.

Wash the beans, trim the ends and break up the beans. Snap (break) the beans to whatever length you prefer. Next, wash the beans…I do this 2-3 times.


Fill the jars, add 1 teaspoon salt over the top and fill with water.



Use a plastic spatula to remove any noticeable air bubbles. Wipe the rim and place the flat lid and screw band tightly onto the jar. Don’t twist the lid on with all your might, just snug them making sure they’re tight.


Fill enough water in the canner to reach the top of the fat part of the jars….about 3-4 inches. Ready to cook. Once the pressure cooker has reached the proper pressure (usually 15 pounds) cook the green beans for 25 minutes adjusting temperature to keep the pressure at the proper pounds. Do not take lid off pressure cooker until completely cool. Carefully take the hot jars out of the pressure cooker and place them on a cooling rack. Let them thoroughly cool, undisturbed.

At my sister’s house breaking beans with my sweet daddy. The best dad in the world, he would give you the shirt off his back. I know he has done without through the years to raise six kids.